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Robot Integration

Our service is towards to provide package Robot intergration solutions which apply to production line.

Automation & control

We provide various kinds of conveyors and pickers that used for factory automation.

Machine Tool Management

Machine Tool Management is a full service systems integrator that provides turnkey automation solutions to manufacturing companies


Maintenance Service

Reduce machine downtime by Experts & available stock. On-site services, PCB repairing, CNC system upgrading & Robot integrating are offered.

Technical Support

Online & on site support to meet your needs. To make sure you get full support to save time, cost & labor once we are always available.

We're Here to assist your need.

24/7 Services

At LIMISYS, we put "Service First." We're here to service your FANUC, MITSUBISHI... products 24/7.

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Technical Support

Customer Care Center provides the best technical support, machine operation and management consultant.

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