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LIMISYS Services

LIMISYS Services

当社は、修理、拡張部品の保証契約、迅速かつ正確なテクニカルサポート(電子メール、電話、現場サービ スのいずれの場合も含む)を含む一連のサービスを提供しています.

Maintenance Servicing

Boost productivity with your own
personal maintenance strategy Regardless
of what you manufacture, ensuring...


Spare parts

LIMISYS understands that spare parts
availability is important to our customers,
and the longevity of their equipment.


Limisys Supporting

LIMISYS supporting service provides
customer with technical support, machine
operation and machine management talk.



That part you need is just a few clicks
away. Register now for full 24/7 access to
a huge selection of original equipment...



We're Here to assist your need.

24/7 Services

At LIMISYS, we put "Service First." We're here to service your FANUC, MITSUBISHI... products 24/7.

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Technical Support

Customer Care Center provides the best technical support, machine operation and management consultant.

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